Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Membership Designs

I will be designing a membership card that can be used at the bar for payment of drinks etc. The card will be a monthly payment scheme and therefore needs a swipe panel, membership number, name and signature.

The silver edge gives the design more a luxury feeling, this is something that could work well to add something different to the membership card so it isn't like any other credit card and can be visible in the customers purse/wallet.

The design of the numbers is interesting but makes the actual card number quite hard to read. This could be helpful however, to stop people trying to memorise your number and to help against fraud.

Simple card design, would look nice if foiled.

Adding a different shape to the membership card would make it stand out from all the other credit cards. Possibly the logo for Mission could be cut out.

Simple design looks subtle and with the addition of a black strip could work well as a minimal solution.

I love the use of blacks and golds here, it really shows luxury and mirrors the colours I am using for the brand identity.

I really like the idea of engraving or embossing onto the design.

Add Black and gold are the most fitting colours for my design. This card doesn;t say too much or too little and looks interesting.

The world's most expensive credit card with 300 diamonds. Not quite within my budget, however still a nice idea to add a bit of sparkle and luxury to a boring plastic card.

Embossing or foiling a pattern onto the card makes it more personal and gives it an interesting aesthetic.

Another thought I had was to have something subtle like jewellery, maybe a bracelet that VIP members would wear so that they could skip the queue and get all the perks without having to prove who you are, the bracelet is a subtle way that other customers wouldn't have to know about.

Embossing a name of the logo onto a bracelet which would only really be visible if you look close would be good for the customers as it wouldn't be in your face and attract attention.

Already used are plastic bands, however I think these wouldn't fit in with the overall style I am trying to portray about the company to the customers and would degrade the company.

Diamonds or charms could be add ons for customers who wanted.

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