Sunday, 4 December 2011

Nail Varnish Design

Depending on the colour inside the bottle would depend how visible the text is on the outside.

Glitter inside the bottle would work well to relate to Swarovski brand

Having the logo large on the bottle makes it easy for the costumer to see it and also gives advertisement.

Nail varnish advertisement, dark fierce, and daring.

Dark background with the nail varnishes in high contrast for visibility.

Showing the nail varnishes in a collection shows how the design and colours will work from product to product.

Writing on the lid looks clear and therefore the type colours wouldn't have to be concidered because the lid will always be the same colour.

I think the black lid works really well with a pastel or neutral colour palette. Black could look nice against a silver or white nail varnish colour.

I adore these cute bows on top of the bottles. It makes the look really feminine and adds a little something to the design. 


Simple clear nail varnish with a splash of colour as part of the bottle design keeps the design minimal and edgy.

Incorporating crystals into the bottle design would link in really well with the Swarovsky brand.

I really love this idea of putting leaves or petals inside the narnish to add texture to the varnish. This cold work well if I put crystals inside the varnishes I create to infuse into the colours. If clear nail varnishes were used this would look really well to see floating crystals inside the bottle.

Shapes of bottle design

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