Sunday, 4 December 2011

Packaging and Bag Design

Clean, clear, but lacks a bit of luxury.

Range of simple packaging. This could work well if a logo were foiled of embossed onto it.

Clear packaging works well because you can see the contents and creates engagement with it.

Existing Swarovski packaging is elegant with foiling and velvet inners.

Simple boxes made from card don' quite do the brand justice. I think the packaging should be interesting or different in some way.

Existing Swarovski Packaging. Elegant, but I feel as it is a new product that is being launched there needs to be some differentiation between the existing jewellery packaging and the nail varnish packaging.

Opaque bags could work well with the nail varnish design as you can see the product within.

I love the simplistic design with the bold foiling against the black background.

Cellophane wrapping to put the nail varnish in would add drama to them. The bow also looks great and links in with other research I have done into the bottle design.

The nail varnish could sit on its own or could be packaged with a range of other nail varnishes or jewellery as a gift set.

1 comment:

  1. The cellophane packaging is exquisite! And the silver ribbon definitely adds more class to whatever product it has inside. :)

    ~ Pearlie Mcilvaine