Thursday, 1 December 2011

Menu Design

I will be designing a menu to feature in the VIP room showcasing drinks and special deals available.

The design needs to be simple, easy to read and fit in with the rest of the corporate design.

Minimal design with a touch of colour works well. The white space keeps everything clear and easy to follow.

The inside of this menu looks quite cluttered and hard to follow, however I like the cover. It has a strong identity with good use of white space.

I really like the idea of embossing and not having to use ink. This could work well in low lighting aswell because the light would reflect well.

I think the framing of the menu looks slightly dated, however something like this to keep the paper clean and easy to interchange between nights and events would be helpful.

Strong branding at the top of the page throughout each page. The type is also very elegant and nicely spaced.

Different use of material such as metal, wood, plastic,

Hand drawn type would be slightly out of place with the Mission branding however the use of white on a brown background really makes the type easy to read and stands out well.

Looking at how text works on different colour backgrounds in interesting to analise readability. Black and white look very normal, how ever works well. Black and white looks more interesting but perhaps less easy to read in low lighting. Foil blocking could enhance colours and make use of the lack of lighting.

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