Monday, 10 October 2011

Lookbook Binding

Using embossing inside the book would give it an added finish.

Materials and knitted pockets could keep the book clean. The lookbook could be placed on top of material to show its high quality.

Threads on and in the pages will enhance that it is about fashion.
For the lookbook that is to be taken away by the customer a bowl like this could work well as it can be filled up throughout the day for people to take away. The contents could include a voucher and info about nights at Harvey Nichols.

Beautiful, simple stitching with thread ends left on for added effect.

New and intriguing textures.

Adding type to the sides of the lookbook could add to the design.

Using wood for the cover could work well as a standard cover with either lazer print or stained design and then the other pages could be added/fixed inside somehow and changed each month when he stock changes.

I think the pages should be individual and can be added one by one to the lookbook so they can be changes each month to make room for updated info. Some sort of less industrial looking filo fax clasp could be used, but there needs to be some sort of mechanism so that people don't just un clip the clasp and take out a page.

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