Thursday, 6 October 2011


The lookbook will need some sort of stand or POS to attract attention to it. The first thing that comes to mind is a kind of pew, like in a church. It is elaborate and eye catching and not really like anything you would expect to see in the everyday retail environment.

Simple card cut outs wouldn't really catch the customers attention. Think of all the lovely shiny things packed into the store and then think how a boring card cut out would fit in to this, or get lost. Signage like this can work really well to draw attention to things in a retail environment, however I would say in Harvey Nichols everything is competing again st one another for attention so I need to think of something more elaborate and visionary.

 Decoration and elaborate designs give a feeling of beauty and wealth.


Looking at an example of a Harvey Nichols retail environment gives me a better idea of what could stand out to the customer. After all the lookbook is trying to catch the customers attention to help them with their shop and not to waste their time... maybe I could make this really obvious on my signage that it is there to HELP and not HINDER.

Beautiful detailing only visible from close up.

Bold, imaginative pieces would work well and sell the idea themselves.

Looking at how 'fancy' the window displays are, this could be a good place to advertise the fact that there is a new lookbook in store. It is what entices people into the store and is a very important part of the store in relation to its sales.

I came across this lovely, hanging book display. I think this comes from an art exhibition somewhere, but I think it could look amazing having something like this for a window display to advertise the launch of the lookbook. I really enjoy crafty things and paper craft like origami and paper sculpting, so this could be another part to my project.


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