Monday, 10 October 2011

Lookbook Cover

Simple but not very eye catching and doesn't really tell you what is inside the book.

Dull and not fit for purpose. Not high enough quality for a Harvey Nichols.

Very fun and playful, not suit able for my project though. The colours and movement look beautiful.

Lovely use of text over image.

Type looks good over the image however it isn't very easy to read.

This is very plain and simple, it would definitely fall into the background in Harvey Nichols.

Sunny, inspiring, interesting use of multiple typefaces.

Beautiful, simplistic, mysterious, intriguing.

Simple, eco looking, straight to the point.

I love the use of textures. For the look book I could actually use wood for the cover and stain the lettering into it.
I really like the idea of having a line or collection of items in a long line. Maybe not relating to the front cover, this could work well inside the magazine to show the collection of products featuring.

Soft, pastel colours with bold type works well.

Bright colours would work well for the summer monthly issues of the look book.

The colour creates the effect of texture and would work well for a fashion brand such as Harvey Nichols

I love the type of the title and how it blends in with the background image. It is a very beautiful natural image.

The black glossy finish makes the book look very high quality. The contrast between the white and black.

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