Thursday, 6 October 2011

Possible Contents

From the possible contents I need to make a more detailed contens so I can start to establish how many pages the lookbook will have.

The lookbook can describe what is on the website that some people might not see. Because the clientele want convenience they don't want a magazine with a web address on it, because 9/10 people wont be bothered to take the time out to actually look on it. And if they did they would probably look at purchasing things and not at the little extra interesting things surrounding the brand like fashion week, events, vouchers etc.

The lookbook looks to promote the brand further and give the customers that little extra like trend advice, interesting quick information, maps, brands, opening hours etc.

Catwalk shots

Past and present window displays

What's in the store, restaurant, salon etc.


Exclusive and new in clothing.

Emphasis on the yearly fashion weeks and clothing related that is in store.

Editors Top 10.

Key trends.

Upcoming events, sales, champagne night etc.

I will definitely add to this as to project goes on, but these are the initial things to include.

Harvey Nichols has been in Leeds for 15 years this October. I think I will make this a feature page in the lookbook, perhaps even the first page. It could also go in the widow display in some form

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