Monday, 10 October 2011

Lookbook contents page

The colouring is quite harsh and the layout, although it is easy to read, it is very uninspiring and eye catching.

With a contents page the most important thing I think is that you can quickly and easily find where you want to be. Here the numbers are very large whilst the text is tiny. Maybe a heppy medium of the point size would help for a clearer layout.

This contents page seems to dissect the book into chapters and not individual pages. It would be quit helpful to have chapters as well as paged numbers, but the pages definitely need to be individually numbered.

Pictures could be a very good way for people to visually see what is on each page.

I really like the simplicity of this contents page.

Addign imagery to the contents page give it depth and more interesting to look at. Also the use of fonts is very important to both look interesting and be easy to read.

Colour coding sections of the magazine would make it even simpler and quicker to find where you need to be.

This contents page looks slightly cluttered, however I do like the use of both type and image. Maybe if the page was more neatly structured.

This layout is lovely and structured. It is easy to read and with images to sum up each section it helps you eye to flow to the right areas on the page.

Having the majority of the contents page being an image I find slightly odd as this is a place for information not creation.

I love the eye catching use of type. Contents pages can often be pages that people just bypass because they can be boring, however this contents page does a good job of catching your eye with the bold typography and then the sleek/simple page information helps to make the whole thing less daunting to read.

Contents page evaluation: big type, images to interest, neat, clean and eye catching design.

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