Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mission Existing Branding

Mission Nightclub sits in the Center of Leeds surrounded by bars and restaurants. It is very reputable opening 5 days a week and welcomes minor celebrities on a regular basis. The overall feel of the club is sleek, elegant mixed with non stop partying.

The existing logo consists of both type and image. The type is simple sans serif with curved edges and a reflection effect on the 's'. I think the logo is very average in relation to the clubbing world of logos and is outdated. I like the idea of its simplicity however I feel it has something missing and possesses no real soul or meaning. Because Mission is already well recognised the re-branding should still loosely relate to the existing logo so that the new branding isn't completely alien to existing customers.

Below are a list of events held at club mission.
These flyers/posters will give me a good idea of what the corporate identity already is in relation to venue events.

Neon colours against a dark background simulated the nightclub scene. The mission logo isn't huge on the advert however it is still prominent and visible to see as the venue. When thinking about the logo re-brand I need to take into consideration the readability and boldness of the type and image if it were to be used on a dark solid background.

Gay night focuses mainly on the date, time and deals of the event.

All of the advertisements are very vivid and mirror the atmosphere and colours of the nightclub scene. The logo defiitely needs to reflect the idea of a night club scene to tie in with all the advertisements. The flyers have been created by the promoters of the individual events and are not really linked to missions corporate identity. Obviously the club will pick and chose which nights they want to host and therefore will create their identity from this, but the eagle and type of the logo aren't prominent factors on any of the flyers.

The logo is more evident on the website and on outside signage.

The interior of the club will be a key factor to take into consideration when thinking about the logo. There is no real advertisement in the club for the club. Banners are put up to promote the current events, but nothing to tell you where you are when you are in a drunken state for example :).

For this project I will need to think about signage or advertisements in the club for the club. For example: straws, napkins, glasses, above the bar, on seating, chairs, on projectors. Literally you could paint the wall with mission all over if there really was a need!

Subdued lighting in the VIP area.

Glamorous entrance to the toilets.

Hire-able room with canopies and blue lighting for a calm feel.

Sex Circus - Snake charmer.

The club website is well set up and clear to navigate with its own music track.

Photo galleries record the events of the night before...

Lovely pillow effect on the background of the website. This could work well as a background for the logo maybe.

Sex Circus - Dwarf Ring Leader
The whole of Missions presence tries to be glamorous, luxurious and fun filled. The logo needs to reflect this existing style and reputation but enhance it with a more modern feel.

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