Sunday, 27 November 2011

YCN - Swarovski Q's

Initial questions to ask about the brief

What is Swarovski's background? Their history, audience, website, reputation, campaigns, core ethics.

What are the current products from Swarovski?

What are the deliverables of the project?

The brief asks for me to engage the younger generation of Swarovski lovers, for this I could design:

Presentation boxes

What route do I want to go down in terms of finished product?
The final product should be part of a well rounded campaign to get the younger generation of Swarovski lovers interested. The design should be luxurious and fit in with the existing brand identity, but also to engage younger people should be quirky with personality and slight humour.

What will I gain from the brief?
A further knowledge into luxury products/companies and designing for them.
Competitive edge to my work.

Timescale to finish brief?
2 Weeks.

Amazing, innovative inspiration...

Specific target audience?
The audience already defined by the brief is for the 'younger generation'. I will be focusing in on the female market aged 20-30, primarily targeting young urban UK females who love jewellery. They express themselves trough jewellery and want to keep up with the latest trends.

What will I do to target the right audience... what is Swarovski doing wrong at the moment?
Primary research will be undertaken to see what my target market think of Swarovski at the moment and what would help them to improve and be more approachable. At the moment Swarovski doesn't have much personality, or maybe a better word would be approachability to a wide audience. It is seen as a very elitist brand only accessible by the high class citizen. Whilst keeping the luxury essence to the company I aim to give the brand more personality and more essence that people can find approachable and interesting.

Methods of current advertisements...
Swarovski is a luxury brand with extensive budgets from advertisement purposes. This should mean that there is an extensive array of advertisement techniques being used to help target a wide audience. However, this doesn't seem to have been exploited to its full extent.

Swarovski takes part in an array of events and sponsorships, but all of which seem to be available to only the highest of people. Basically not available to their target audience, this creates a divide between the company and the customers, almost as if they aren't valued enough to be included. All that there seems to be for the customer is the odd poster and the shop itself.

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