Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rice Packaging

Rice packaging normally consists of a thin clear plastic bag. Not very imaginative and also not very easy for storage because even with the resealable tabs rice still gets all over your cupboards.

Here are a few of the more imaginative and creative rice packaging that I have found.

The tube design works well, with the pop of/on top rice can be stored safely away.

Asian influence, eco-friendly packaging.

I really like the way the top of the packaging works as a handle to pick it up. Once opened though the paper packaging will be thrown away and all that will be left if the rice in a dull plastic bag.

Thought I would include this rice packaging because it somewhat reflects what I am trying to do for this project. It is basically a massive tub of rice where the lid works as the measure. It is an OK idea, however the packaging and materials used make it look like it should be filled with oil or something chemical to use on a car, it definitely doesn't reflect good food packaging.

Another example of imaginative print design, but rubbish packaging design.
 I really like the idea of the first rice packaging shown on this post being a tube shape. This could work well with the idea of the sugar pourer mechanism.

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