Thursday, 24 November 2011


I really like the idea that a ticket doesn't have to take on the traditional form. The tickets I design could take on a form of something relative to D&AD like a pencil perhaps.

Existing D&AD ticket design comes in a 3D envelope with lots of information. For the event I am advertising there isn't a whole lot of information needed on the ticket so the ticket could be more compact in my case. The black and yellow colours are key to the design.

Simple but nicely designed. Clear and concise.

This style is quite like that of an old fashioned cinema ticket. I like the way that they are different colours and can be produced easily. Although, the event I am advertising is quite low key and there aren't many tickets available so I could make them more personalised and experiment with materials.

Transparent effect on the tickets looks well for a different dimension. In my case I could design the background as a sneak peek to the event.

Very personalised design relating to design. The ticket could be interactive in some way or actually be a min chalk board for design ideas.

For postal of tickets to reduce waste the ticket could be part of the envelope.

Having a pencil wth information on could work well and is a unique idea. The pencil would be the ticket but could also be used before and after the event and as a reminder of the day.

Origami ticket, makes the customer interact with the design. What could the purpose of the ticket be other than to inform?

I really love the idea of interesting print methods and stock to be used even though the format is the same the stock creates a different dimension and interaction.

Personalised tickets make sure that the guest list of only of a specific clientele.

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