Monday, 14 November 2011

Value Range - Simplicity

Value ranges in supermarkets are have very simplistic designs. They also only use the cheapest of materials because the cheaper the product is to manufacture the cheaper it can be to the customer.

White card and cellophane are the key materials sued for value ranges and therefore this is what we will focus on using in this project to keep costs to minimum.

Below is a collection of branded ranges that show simple, minimalistic design and materials that would be fees-able to use for a new value range. They are however a lot more pleasing to the eye with no more extra cost.

I really like the use of white space on this range, it makes the product look clean and fresh.

Being able to see the contents of a product increases trust because you can see exactly what you are getting.

Regarding imagery using ink blots could work well to illustrate the contents of each product in an abstract and eyecatching way.

Simple, straight to the point, no unnecessary information.

Giving the packaging a purpose and appealing to the customer with this is essential for it to be accepted by the audience. Because it is so cheap to produce and sell you automatically think that it is bad for the environment, giving the customer an incentive to buy the product could increase sales. This could work as part of the main concept, giving people a reason to buy value over other products.

Bold type and underlining makes the type standout in a crowd of other products.

Colour on a black background stands out well. The black and the colour would stand out because customers are used to seeing value ranges in bland white and ugly colours.

Simple, readable text that it beautiful to look at.

Picking a single colour needs to be well thought out. The colours chosen need to reflect the brand chosen to represent.

This packaging is very type driven and uses eco friendly materials to make it look earthy.

This range has to be my favouite design from this post. It is so simple and easy to produce, yet really effective and beautiful. The text tells you form afar what the product is and the lines give the product structure. The less important information is smaller on the packaging and almost invisible against the large main type.

This is a perfect example of how branding can be stripped down and made minimal with maximum effect. With a brand as well-known as m&m's you don't need to know loads of information about the brand because you are already familiar with it. Supermarket brands are already well known and trusts so only the most minimal amount of information and imagery needs to be used because the customer is already 'in the know'.

White and colourful could work well but it looks slightly childish here.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this range. It all fits together really well, yet it only has the smallest amount of information and print on the range.

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