Thursday, 10 November 2011

Value Range - Existing Designs

This has to be a collection of some of the ugliest design for supermarkets I've seen (ignoring the Waitrose collection). Below is a selection of 'value' ranges for the most popular supermarkets in the UK. They all use very simple design and the cheapest of materials. The products all relate very well to each of their brands, however they don't even attempt to do them justice. The colours used in each of the value ranges are the same as their supermarkets logo. Personally I think they are not very pleasant to look at, and not something that you would necessarily pick up because of this. Currently I am doing my dissertation on the influences of packaging on consumer behavior and how people cn buy the product because of the packaging. I have to say I wouldn't buy any of the product based on their packaging, in fact I would probably avoid them.

The two images below from Waitrose show a lot more design consideration. They are more pleasant to look at and yet they still are part of their value range. Waitrose has also named their version of value range as 'essential'. I think this is a lot more appealing to the customer because it connotes the everyday object and the trustworthy. The word 'value' connotes that perhaps you are not getting the best quality of product because it is so cheap. Whilst 'value' focuses on price, 'essential' focus more on the customer and their personal needs.

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