Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Useful & Useless

Here is a broad collection of packaging. Some useful and some completely useless. 

Packaging is often a thing that you get and once you have used the product you throw it away. I am aiming to produce packaging that can be re-used in some way to make it more economical.

Completely unnecessary packaging. If you are too lazy to put your hand inside the tube, don't worry you can slide out the tray and the crisps come to you!!

This bag is strong and biodegradable. It can be used more than once and once you have finished with it, it has no harmful effects on the environment.

Sometimes packaging can help to stop things from getting damaged inside. This packaging is very far fetched however.

Bananas, using clingfilm, sticky labels and polystyrene packaging. REALLY?!

Really nice design for this light and shade. The shade was once the box and is now transformed.

Re-useable/ re-fillable soap dispensers. Peel off the label and then use again.

Flat pack boxes, saves on space and lessens damage when storing.

This bag actually all disassembles to turn into a board game, no waste and more fun!

Not only is this Mcdonals packaging nicer to look at it also has special perforations and folds to enable you to use it as a tray to eat off.

This box ingeniously can be dismantled and reformed in side out to then be re-used for another day.

Handy wipeable pouch for snacks.

This toothbrush still uses the same amount of packaging initially, however the head of the brush is interchangeable and therefore in the long run halves the packaging needed.

This wooden packaging for carrying wine bottles doubles up as a wine rack.

I guess I should finish on another example of packaging gone mad. A simple envelope would have done fine surely?

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