Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mission - Facet Design

The post on geometic shapes has inspired me to look at facet design. I came across a lookbook of amazing facet design not long ago and knew that it would come in handy at some point. Below are some select images that I feel could further my design.

Simple diamond description of facets.

Streamline, rigid and fierce looking. I love how the light bounces off the different sections. The aircraft has been painted on colour however it looks like it has been painted a multitude of colours because of the different ways the light bounces off each side.

The reflections off the different faces of the design give it a wonderful mixture of tones and shades.

Natural facet design. Smached glass creates an amazing effect with light bouncing off at all different angles.

An open diamond style piece. The mirror design is amazing for picking up vidid reflections of colours.

The use of mirror really helps the design to fit in with its surroundings yet it still looks obscure and therefore stands out still. The use of mirror is really intriguing and is something that I think could work well for the mission logo because it doesn't specifically use one colour, it uses the surrounding the create the colours. Missors also are a good connection to a night club because of glamour and vanity.

This perfume bottle uses facet design to replicate the look of diamonds.

Facet design is even going into the world of technology.

Very quirky set of cutlery. Again with no smooth surfaces the angles of each side really stand out to show the shape of the design.

Facet design brought into more graphical things. Looks like an alternative to pixellation.

I really love these animals. They really show the 3D-ness of each animal. They look quite futuristic. Even though the facets make detail lessen, the information is still clear with the use of gradients.

Nature - digitalised.

Facet Fashion. This has an amazing futuristic look about it and a great simplicity. Each shape works as a kind of caricature of the section of the body it sits on. The hips and widened and the waist is hoicked in.

Ok so I have fallen in love with facet designs. They are my new favorite thing. The way they are both simplistic yet complicated intrigues me. I think they bring an aire of glamour to everything they touch.

I really like the use of mirrors for this style of work and also shiny materials. They really help to being the designs to life as they reflect the colours of the environment and merge in for a unique colour palette.

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