Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mission - Geometric Shapes

This image has inspired me to look at geometric shapes:

The image is vey beautiful and shows perfection within its construction. The below images are of geometric shapes, all mathematically perfect in their own right. What intrigues me is how the shapes shift when moved or rotated.

These minute shapes making up a circle give an illusion of depth and a third dimension.

Complex shape made up of other shapes. Looks very much 3D and intricate.

This image kind of reminds me of the k'nex sets my bother used to make when he was younger.

A minimal amount of pieces can be put together to make pretty much any shape. Because of the select amount of pieces the finished things always looks geometrically correct.

 Maybe that was a little off subject, however it looks closer into the construction of shapes.

The diamond, a worldwide recognised symbol of beauty and luxury.

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